Pictures from
Paper & Book Intensive 2002
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

These pictures were taken when there was time to roam Haystack and see what there was to see, and not by design. So there are missing events and people. If you have any digital pictures to share, please email them ( Steve Miller, PBI Co-director

Session One Classes

Julie Chen
Chen 2 - Stephanie Wolff & Julie Chen
Chen 3 - Kitty Maryatt
Chen 4
Chen class
Chen class 2
Chen wild women
Chen final works
Chen final works 2

Helen McPherson
Helen McPherson & pal
McPherson class
McPherson class 2
McPherson paper drying
McPherson class 11th hour

McPherson class final work
McPherson class final work 2
McPherson class final work w/Paul Wong

Shinohara in class
Shinohara 2
Shinohara 3
Shinohara 5
Keiji & Michelle Souliere

Shinohara class final work

Bernie Vinzani class

Laura Wait class
Wait class 2
Wait class 3
Wait class final
Wait class
final 2

Session Two Classes

Betty Fiske class

James H and Carol P root for bayside things to photograph
Hajicek & Panero-Smith final works
Hajicek & Panero-Smith final works

Shanna Leino class
Leino scary
Leino scary 2
Leino teaches
Leino teaches 2
Leino teaches 3
Leino class works
Leino class works 2
Leino class group shot

Kitty Maryatt class
Maryatt final work

Paul Wong class
Wong class final

Individuals, groups & things

Bea Nettles
Bernie Vinzani
Bernie Vinzani & Paul Wong @ the fireplace
Bill Drendel shows something to Robin Price
Cecile Webster
Crystal gets her bacon, finally
Food line! It's a good thing.
Foot of the stairs
On the rocks at the foot of the stairs
Frank Brannon in the Coptic class
Frank Coptic 2
Frank in Shinohara
Janine Wong
John Fatula
, making paper mould in McPherson's class
Lobster truck
Louise Cecil
Mami Sasaki
, making paper mould in McPherson's class
Margo Klass
Marilyn Sward
Outside the paper studio - a view
Paul Wong
Robert (Bob) Walp
, making paper mould in McPherson's class
Robin Price
Robin Price 2
Sharon Hildebrand
Tom Balbo
Toni Nelson

The Final Show & Tell

Final exhibit

Betty Fiske presentation, minus Betty
Betty Fiske presentation, minus Betty 2

Kitty Maryatt class presentation

Maryatt final work

Miracle of Book
Miracle of Book 2

Paul Wong class presentation

The Auction

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