framePaper & Book Intensive, now twenty-eight years old, is held in the spring or summer in different regions of the country. It is attended by individuals who are passionate about the book arts, including bookbinding, hand papermaking, conservation, and related fields. Motivated beginners and practitioners are welcome!

PBI 2012 will be held at Ox-Bow, in Saugatuck, Michigan from May 13 to May 24, 2012. The instructors are Denise Bookwalter, John Carrera, Mindy Dubansky, Betsy Palmer-Eldridge, Maria Fredericks, Shanna Leino, Steve Pittelkow, Lee Running, Chip Shilling and Larry Yerkes. The online brochure & application will be up in the first week of December, 2011.

Check out our flickr site to see images of PBI 2011.

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PBI Co-directors
William Drendel • Chicago, Illinois
Anna Embree • Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Cathy Hunt • Houston, Texas
Mathew Liddle • Cullowhee, North Carolina
Steve Miller • Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Giselle Simon • Chicago, Illinois
Eileen Wallace • Chillicothe, Ohio

Co-director Emeriti
Maria Fredericks
Pamela Spitzmueller

Founding Co-directors
Timothy Barrett

Gary Frost
Hedi Kyle

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PBI's institutional home is The University of Alabama,
though all direction and planning is done by the Co-directors,
independent of any institutional affiliation.